Student Teaching - Secondary | Exeter High School (1999)

At Exeter High School, I student-taught in a suburban setting, working predominantly with grades 10 to 12. The school operated on a unique intensive scheduling system, with 90-minute daily classes, four periods a day. This allowed for in-depth teaching and interaction. As the art classes had no prerequisites, students’ skills and experiences varied widely.

Under the mentorship of a seasoned teacher, I engaged with diverse programs like photography, drawing, painting, and computer graphics. I particularly enjoyed crafting lessons for the drawing class, which comprised 25 students with varying abilities. The computer graphics class was both challenging and rewarding, as I had to familiarize myself with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Bryce 3-D to teach them effectively. I also assisted in coordinating student exhibitions and preparing artwork for the Governor’s School.

Student Teaching - Elementary | Hamburg Area Elementary School (1999)

At Hamburg Area Elementary School, I experienced a dynamic rural school district. Over a cycle, I rotated through four schools, interacting with various grade levels. Each class met for 45 minutes on designated days. This rotating schedule presented both opportunities and challenges, as I had limited time to build individual connections with students.

Collaborating with a dedicated teacher, I embraced the fast-paced environment, gaining valuable insights into juggling multiple classes and projects. Teaching elementary students was immensely gratifying, as they brought a unique enthusiasm to art. I tailored lessons to suit each grade level, offering engaging projects like “Caribbean Drums” for 4th graders and “Story Time” for 1st graders. Their responses were overwhelmingly positive, making this experience particularly memorable.

Professional Semester | Exeter Middle School (1997)

During my professional semester at Exeter Middle School, I was exposed to a suburban junior high school setting. The art rooms were strategically located near the tech education facilities, providing easy access to a wide array of supplies and equipment. This proximity enabled collaborative projects, such as utilizing the wood shop for ceramics stands and painting frames.

The school adopted an intensive scheduling system, granting students 90 minutes of daily art classes. This structure allowed for a thorough exploration of various projects and techniques. I primarily worked with 7th-grade students, implementing a curriculum designed to expose them to diverse art forms. In addition to regular classes, I assisted in coordinating the Art Club, providing enhanced opportunities for exceptionally gifted students. Together, we curated a student exhibition, showcasing their talents and creativity.

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