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ICT Coordinator

Tech Integration

In my role as ICT Coordinator, I lead a team of tech integration specialists, focusing on seamless curriculum alignment with educational frameworks. I strive for a balanced blend of stand-alone tech proficiency and practical applications, ensuring students grasp both essential skills and their real-world applicability.

Curriculum Development

I spearhead the development and continual refinement of our school’s ICT curriculum, aligning it meticulously with ISTE, IB, and Italian national standards. This involves meticulous matching of standards with units of inquiry, guaranteeing a curriculum that not only meets requisites but also offers enriching educational experiences.

Teaching at Ambrit
Ambrit Staff and Parent workshops

Staff Training

I’m dedicated to staff and teacher training, offering workshops, tutorials, and personalized Helpdesk sessions. This proactive approach ensures our educators are proficient in leveraging technology for impactful learning experiences.

Parent Workshops & Training

I’ve conducted workshops addressing critical digital citizenship issues and provided online sessions for parents to familiarize them with our Teaching and Learning platform, “Toddle”. Furthermore, I’ve organized and presented at the Apps Events Italy Summit, offering comprehensive training for Google for Education certification and tool utilization.

Hardware and Software

I assume a central role in managing our school’s hardware and software infrastructure, meticulously selecting tools while adhering to budget constraints. From overseeing 1:1 device initiatives to enhancing network capabilities, I ensure our technological ecosystem remains robust.

School Forms & Website

I play a pivotal role in automating approval processes for various school forms, streamlining administrative workflows. Additionally, I’m currently in the process of updating and maintaining our school’s website, ensuring it remains a dynamic and informative platform for stakeholders.

Social Media & GDPR

I collaborate closely with our school’s social media head, crafting engaging content that aligns with our brand identity. Additionally, I’m a crucial contributor to GDPR compliance efforts, working alongside our Data Protection Officer to address privacy concerns effectively.

Brand Identity

In the 2021-22 academic year, I led a comprehensive brand identity initiative, refining our existing logo, curating a definitive color palette, and enhancing visual identity. This involved creating cohesive design elements, from templates to signage, fostering a unified school image. As of December 2023 I have been put in charge of redesigning the school’s website.

Ambrit-Brand design

MYP Design Teacher

Developing a program from scratch

In June 2017, the school needed to add the MYP design course and curriculum to progress towards IB authorization. Drawing on my technical and artistic background, the school entrusted me with the task of curriculum development and teaching for this class. This endeavor presented a significant learning curve and demanded a substantial portion of my time, given that I was concurrently fulfilling my role as ICT coordinator.

Curriculum development

During the first year of teaching, I attended a workshop that proved immensely beneficial. While the workshop primarily focused on the 5-year MYP program, I gleaned valuable insights that I successfully adapted to our 3-year MYP curriculum. Over subsequent years, I concentrated on integrating both technical skills, such as coding and website development, and practical skills encompassing sewing, electrical wiring, and board game design.

Working with new teachers

As the program matured, a change in staffing at the school required a more dedicated focus on my ICT responsibilities. To facilitate this transition, I collaborated closely with the incoming Design teacher during their initial years. This year, I’ve been called upon to offer similar support, as we have a new design teacher joining our ranks. I assist in ensuring a balanced curriculum that incorporates both technology-oriented and product-based units.

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