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ICT Coordinator

As the ICT Coordinator at BES from 2009 to 2014, I played a pivotal role in revolutionizing technology integration across both Primary and Middle Schools. I worked closely with educators to craft comprehensive and seamlessly integrated ICT lessons, reshaping the way technology was perceived within the curriculum. This approach transformed ICT from an isolated subject to an integral part of the classroom experience, empowering students to leverage technology throughout their academic journey. Additionally, I spearheaded the development of an innovative ICT curriculum, aligning it with IB PYP and MYP guidelines and the Italian National Curriculum. My responsibilities extended to conducting professional development courses, overseeing hardware and software management, and setting up technology for school events, showcasing my dedication to advancing technological proficiency in education. 

Tech Integration

I collaborated closely with teachers in both the Primary and Middle Schools to develop meaningful and fully integrated ICT lessons. I met with each year level on a weekly basis, ensuring that ICT was no longer viewed as a standalone subject, but rather an extension of the classroom experience. This approach allowed students to recognize the applications of technology across all facets of their academic life, not solely during dedicated ICT periods.

Curriculum Development

As BES operated as a “Scuola Paritaria”, I designed the ICT curriculum from year 1 to year 8, aligning it with the IB PYP and MYP curriculums as well as the Italian National Curriculum. I maintained a close partnership with our school Librarian, aiding students in honing essential research skills for success in the 21st century. Regular meetings were held to assess each year level’s requirements, resulting in a comprehensive, school-wide research cycle.

Training and Workshops

I conducted Professional Development courses covering Google Apps In Education (Drive, Sites, etc.), technology integration, iPad implementation in the classroom, utilization of Promethean Boards, E-Portfolios, PLN, and more. At the outset of each school year, I provided training for new staff members on BES technology. Additionally, I hosted workshops addressing internet safety for parents.

Hardware and Software

Annually, I conducted a thorough review and update of a three-year program aimed at enhancing the school’s technological infrastructure. I made recommendations for hardware and software acquisitions, working directly with the school board to fulfill our needs within budget constraints. I also managed the school’s network and addressed software and hardware issues throughout the institution.

Additional Responsibilities

In addition to the above, I undertook the setup of microphones, mixers, and projectors for school events as required. I was also instrumental in website and media creation, including the development and maintenance of the school’s website. Notably, our school gained recognition through various initiatives:

  • As a pilot program for Promethean boards, we were featured in their promotional videos.
  • We collaborated with IBM and Lego on a mission to Mars project, a full-day event providing students with an immersive experience.
  • The school was showcased on the RAI program “Prese Dirette”, spotlighting institutions acknowledged by the Italian National Government. I can be seen at the 30 minute mark.
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