Teaching Experience

Over my 18-years in education, I have held diverse roles, each contributing to a comprehensive skill set. As an ICT Coordinator, I have been entrusted with spearheading tech integration strategies across all school levels. Notably, at all three schools where I have worked, I orchestrated the development and alignment of ICT curricula with stringent criteria set forth by the IBO, ISTE, and the Italian National Curriculum. I have worked in close collaboration with faculty and conducted extensive training sessions. 

At my current school, I have played a pivotal role in ensuring strict adherence to GDPR regulations. This has entailed evaluating school-affiliated websites and tools, in direct collaboration with the school’s Data Protection Officer to establish our compliance protocols.

I have been instrumental in crafting the school’s digital identity, leading a team in the formulation of comprehensive brand guidelines. This has involved direct engagement with the school’s social media department and the creation of all promotional materials, signage, and displays throughout the campus.

Additionally, I have been integral in the development, or co-development, of the school’s digital forms and approval processes, streamlining operations for leave requests, professional development pursuits, and field trip authorizations. This involved automating procedures and overseeing data management in close collaboration with school leadership and the business office.

Furthermore, my diverse educational background encompasses roles as a MYP design teacher, a PYP classroom teacher for grades 1-3, and even one year teaching Physical Education.

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